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Solar Radio Laboratory (LaRS)

142190,IZMIRAN, Troitsk, Moscow, Russia

Telephone: +7(495)8510902 Fax: +7(495)8510124

Observatory (IZMI) location: N 55°28' E 37°19' (GMT+03:00)

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When using any spectra or profile data from this site please quote our web page address.
For presenting the spectra and the profiles in publications please ask Valery Fomichev (fomichev@izmiran.ru) for permission.

169 MHz, 204 MHz, 3000 MHz fixed frequency radiometers - patrol
25 - 270 MHz digital spectrograph - patrol
20 - 260 MHz high time resolution spectrograph - alert
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Latest outstanding spectrum:
Weak type II in progress (Click picture below to see the full-screen image, b/w image is here )