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Институт Земного магнетизма, ионосферы и распространения радиоволн им. Н.В. Пушкова
Российской Академии наук
( основан в 1939 г. )

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   Grant of RFBR #97-05-64085   Grant of RFBR #01-02-64155   

The RFBR grant 97-05-64085 "Asymmetry of the Northern and Southern hemispheres in the Earth ionosphere" was fulfilled in the laboratory under the leadership of A.T.Karpachev. The project aim was the study of the most prominent manifestations of this asymmetry and the search of its causes. Such manifestations of the asymmetry were under study as UT-control of the ionospheric global structure; longitudinal variations of the ionosphere and thermosphere characteristics; variations in positions and occurrence probability of the ionization trough and the equatorial anomaly crests with longitude, local time, season and magnetic activity; non-conjugacy of the high-latitude ionospheric structure elements etc. Among the most interesting results obtained in the project the strong asymmetry between the Northern and Southern hemispheres can be mentioned.  The example of the asymmetry for the nighttime summer conditions is shown at Figure 4.

Figure 4. The asymmetry in the Ne distribution in the Northern (top) and Southern (bottom) hemispheres for the nighttime summer conditions.