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Interball-Tail Magnetic field measurements

        Magnetic field measurements on-board the Interball  Tail Probe are carried out by the FM-3I and MIF instruments. FM-3I consists of two flux-gate magnetometers M1 and  M2  covering two  different  ranges:  200  nT  and  1000  nT.  The   M2 instrument is mostly  used to perform the  attitude  control of  the INTERBALL TAIL spacecraft.   M1 magnetometer data are transmitted to the scientific SSNI  telemetry  system at rates  0.125-16 vectors/s depending on the instrument  operating mode. The magnetic field data from the M2 magnetometer are transmitted at the  rate 1 vectors per 6 sec. to  the BNS attitude  control  system.  MIF magnetometer has the next parameters: measured range 0.3-37.5 nT, frequency range 0-2  Hz, sampling rate  from 1/4 to 8 measurements per second. FM-3 M2 magnetometer failed in February 1996, FM-3 M1 and MIF are working until now.

           Data presented here are the  combination of the data of all magnetometers. First of all   FM-3 M1 data are used,  if they are absent, MIF data used and if data of both magnetometer are absent, FM-3 M2 data presented. In case of FM-3 M1 and MIF, data are averaged for 6 seconds intervals.

           Magnetic components in GSE system presented as separate ASCII files for each continuos intervals. Satellite position,  in GSE and GSM  with  20 min step calculated by IKI Situation Analysis Center also presented in ASCII file. Orbit plots and other orbital data available from IKI WEB server.

  • Interball magnetic data for 1995
  • Interball position data for 1995
  • Interball magnetic data for 1996
  • Interball position data for 1996
  • Interball magnetic data for 1997
  • Interball position data for 1997
  • Interball magnetic data for 1998
  • Interball position data for 1998
  • Interball magnetic data for 1999
  • Interball position data for 1999
  • Interball magnetic data for 2000
  • Interball position data for 2000