Large-Scale Activity in Homologous
Eruptive Events of November 24-26, 2000
November 24, 2000, 05:02 UT

November 24, 2000, 15:08 UT

November 24, 2000, 21:59 UT

November 25, 2000, 09:20 UT

November 25, 2000, 18:44 UT

November 26, 2000, 03:08 UT

November 26, 2000, 16:48 UT

PDF file of the paper "Homologues Large-Scale Activity in Solar Eruptive Events of November 24-26, 2000", by I.M. Chertok, V.V. Grechnev, H.S. Hudson, and N.V. Nitta, submitted to J. Geophys. Res., July 2003.

Figure 1.   H-alpha (a), EUV (b,c), and soft X-ray (d) heliograms illustrating the situation on the disk at the onset of the events under consideration. The flaring active region AR 9236 is labeled 1. A central coronal hole (CH) and optical filament (F1) as well as a northwestern filament (F2) are denoted as well.

Figure 2.  SOHO/EIT fixed difference full-disk images at 195 A, made by full orthographic rotation and re-projection of the images, showing the most developed large-scale dimmings for all six events of the series.

Figure 3. SOHO/EIT rotated difference full-disk images with 6-hour intervals showing large-scale dimming manifestations in event a of the series in the coronal lines 171, 195, 284 A (bd) and the transition-region line 304 A (a).

Figure 4. SOHO/EIT running difference full-disk images with 12-min intervals at 195 A of all of six events showing homologous coronal waves (CW) and quasi-stationary emitting fronts (EF).

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