Multicomponent Type II Radio Burst
in Eruptive Event of 12 April 2001

I.M. Chertok, V.V. Fomichev, R.V. Gorgutsa, and D.E.Sobolev

IZMIRAN, Troitsk, Moscow Region, 142190

Gagarin Day Event

      AR 9415 (S20 W40), ~10:20 UT, X2.0 LDE, type II / IV bursts, partial halo CME, protons

       *GOES soft X-rays       *some images      GOES protons

*SOHO/LASCO/C2 (running difference)

SOHO/LASCO/C3 (running difference)

  • Multicomponent, 3-harmonic type II  radio burst
  • *IZMIRAN spectrum and NRH

  • Origin of a coronal type II shock wave(s)

  •               coronal wave, canalized and over-the-limb dimmings,

                  re-formation of the coronal magnetic structures

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