Properties of the Solar Eruptive Event of 19 October 2001, 09:40 UT

I.M. Chertok(1), V.M. Fridman(2), A.A. Gnezdilov(1), R.V.Gorgutsa (1),
T.S. Podsrigach(2), O.A. Sheiner(2), D.E. Sobolev(1)

(1) IZMIRAN, Troitsk, Moscow Region, 142190
(2) NIRFI, 25 B. Pecherskaya St., N. Novgorod, 603600

Basing on IZMIRAN and NIRFI radio observations, we analyze an event which is characterized by sufficiently intense emission in the cm- and dm-ranges under almost total lack of metric bursts. This peculiarity appears to be caused by very slow speed (V~240 km/s) of a coronal mass ejection (CME) recorded in this event with SOHO/LASCO. Another consequence of the low speed of the CME was a so-called "CME cannibalism": in ~10 hours, at distance 25 Rs, this CME was overtaken and disturbed by another, fast halo-type CME.    



 Preceding Activity

 EUV Eruption

 H-alpha flare

 Characteristics of radio emission

 Coronal Mass Ejections