The August 21, 1999 event

To a paper
by I.M. Chertok, H. S. Hudson, and S. W. Kahler,
prepared for Proc. of the 10th Europian Solar Physics Meeting,
Prague, 9-14 September 2002

 PDF file of the paper (980 kb)

Full-disk Yohkoh/SXT and GOES-8 movies (21 August, 03-22 UT):
        Grayscale    Colour

   Full-disk Yohkoh/SXT movie (21 August, 05:21-11:46 UT)

Yohkoh/SXT movies of an enlarged fragment (21 August, 02:10-22:56 UT):
 Grayscale    Colour

SOHO/EIT, 195 A (21 August, 04-10 UT)

SOHO/EIT, 195 A, running difference movie

SOHO/EIT, 195 A, fixed difference movie

  SOHO/EIT, 171 A (21 August, 01-13 UT)

SOHO/EIT, 284 A (18-23 August)

  SOHO/EIT, 304 A (21 August, 01:18-13:18 UT)

       Figure 1. Several Yohkoh/SXT frames illustrating development of the flashing structure
                     (21 August, 05:39 -- 12:04 UT):

           Full-disk images:      Grayscale      Colour

             Enlarged fragments:   Grayscale

Figure 2. General data of 21 August at ~07 UT: SOHO/EIT at 195 and 284 A,
                       H-alpha image, and SOHO/MDI magnetogram
              Full-disk images        Enlarged fragments

 Figure 3.   Yohkoh/SXT enlarged image displaying some twisting features
                  eastward from XBP and difference image revealing the flaring
                  structure at its peak phase.

 Figure 4.  The partial 195 A SOHO/EIT rerotated difference relative to
                 the 06:00 UT pre-event one.

       Comparison of the Yohkoh/SXT data of the August 21, 1999 event
       and the April 23, 1992 two-sided-loop type jet described
       by Shibata et al. (1994, 1996, 1998)

        Figure 5.  Two full-disk images      Grayscale      Colour

JavaScript movie of April 23, 1992

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