November 1-4, 1993

Fig. 1. The long-living microwave chain of November 1-3, 1993.

(a)-(c) - A long-living large scale microwave chain stretches between bright sources 1 and 2. This shining chain exists several days and rotates together with other features on the disk. On Nov 1 (a), there is an additional diffuse branch of the blobs going from the source 2 towards the south pole. On Nov 2 (b), strong evolution of the chain takes place during the LDE/CME event occurred in AR 7613 (see Figure 2 for details): new chain fragments are developed from the regions 1 and 2 eastward and westward respectively.

(d)-(e) - Comparing the Nobeyama radio heliograms with the Yohkoh/SXT images, one can see that during three days the long-living chain between sources 1 and 2 coincides with a sharp SE boundary of the large coronal hole. Note some time difference between the Nobeyama and Yohkoh images.

The long-living microwave chain 1-2 located near the SE boundary of coronal hole is visible also on the Nobeyama/RH and Yohkoh/SXT images of 4 November where some remnants of the transient chain around of AR 7613 are present as well.

Fig. 2. The transient microwave chain of November 1-2, 1993.

(a) - The GOES-7 soft X-ray plot with the C3.2 LDE event, occurred in AR 7613 (S10 E45), which appears to be an indicator of a CME.

(b)-(e) - It was accompanied by strong evolution of the long-living chain 1-2 (see Figure 1) and formation of a new large loop-like chain 4-1-3-5 around AR 7613. Sometimes it seems that a definite direct chain connecting points 2-3-5 appears. One can see also some chain fragments going from AR 7613 to the north-east direction. Point 3, where the long-living and transient chains are crossed, seems to move eastward during the event.

A movie showing evolution of the microwave chains during the LDE event of November 1-2, 1993 A Movie showing development of the microwave chains during the LDE event of November 1-2, 1993

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