Solar Large-Scale Chains: Some Events
Associated with Halo Coronal Mass Ejections

 I.M. Chertok
IZMIRAN, Troitsk, Moscow Region, 142190, Russia



    Present report:


        SOHO/EIT,  Yohkoh/SXT -- negative (inverted) images;
        H-alpha,  SOHO/LASCO -- positive (normal) images.

        --   Javaskript movies from modified SOHO/EIT images at 195 A

      Halo-CME-associated events of November 1997

      November 3, 199709-10 UT,  S20 W15, 1B/M4.2 flare preceding the proton events

      November 4, 199705:58 UT, S14 W33, 2B/X2.1 flare; ISTP event; J(E>10 MeV)~72 pfu;
                                       FD~3%; Dst~-110 nT

      *November 6, 199711:55 UT,  S18 W63, 2B/X9.4 flare; ISTP event; J(E>10 MeV)~490 pfu;
                                       GLE~12 %


More information and data on the solar large-scale chains are presented at the web page: