Distribution of the analyzed SEPs with different >100 MeV proton fluxes (J100) at the microwave flux density plane S9 vs. S15. The following points deserve attention:

(1) General correspondence takes place between intensities of microwave bursts and proton fluxes J100 increases when S9 and S15 rise.

(2) Among events with relatively weak radio fluxes (S9, S15 <1000 sfu), weak proton fluxes (J100<1 pfu) under soft radio spectra (S9>S15) dominate.

(3) Powerful microwave bursts (S9, S15>300010000 sfu) with hard radio spectra (S9<S15) correspond to majority of powerful proton fluxes (J100 >10 pfu).

(4) SEPs with moderate proton fluxes rank intermediate positions.