Kuznetsov Vladimir Dmitrievich

Curriculum vitae


Born on September 23, 1954 in Kuibyshev (now Samara).

1972 - completed the last-year course at the physical and mathematical boarding school No. 18 attached to the Moscow State University and entered the Moscow Physical and Technical Institute (MFTI) at Dolgoprudny.


1978 - graduate and post-graduate student, MFTI, Chair on "Problems of Physics and Astrophysics" headed by Academician V.L.Ginzburg. 


1981 - completed the post-graduate course and defended the candidate's thesis ("Pre-flare activity in the Sun as manifested in solar radiation"). Came to work at the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere, and Radio Wave Propagation, Russian Academy of Sciences (IZMIRAN).

1981 - Junior Scientific Fellow, IZMIRAN

1986 - Senior Scientific Fellow, IZMIRAN

1991 - Learned Secretary, IZMIRAN

1995 - Deputy Director on science, IZMIRAN
1999 - Defended the doctor's thesis («Problems of dynamics of the solar atmosphere and space media»).

2000 - First Deputy Director, IZMIRAN

2003 - Acting Director, IZMIRAN

2004 - Director, IZMIRAN


1998 - The Russian Space Agency award - K.E.Tsiolkovsky medal

2002 - The Russian Space Agency award - M.V.Keldysh medal

2007 - Highest award of the Russian Space Agency - Tsiolkovsky Sign

2008 - Winner of the 2008 Russian Federation Government Prize in the Field of Science and Technology

2010 - Polish and Russian Academies of Sciences prizewinner in physics ( presentation )


Scientific Councils, Commissions and Organizations

Scientific interests

More then 200 articles and publications