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My coordinates

Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radiowave Propagation                     Université Libre de Bruxelles

(IZMIRAN), Russian Academy of Sciences, Troitsk, Moscow region                        CP 231, Boulevard du Triomphe

142190, Russia                                                                                                             B-1050 Bruxelles - Belgique

Email                                                                                       Email:

Phone              +7-095-334 09 03

Fax                  +7-095-334 01 24

 Born                August 1st 1945 , Termez , USSR

Family              Married to Ludmila Galakhmatova (1972), son, daughter, grandson

Russian citizenship

Academic Degrees:

- Graduate in Physics from Moscow State University (MSU) in 1969

- Post-graduate at Physics Dept. (MSU) 1969-1971 (''Aspirantur'')

- PhD. D. (Candidate) in Radio Physics in 1971

-  Habilitation (Doctor Nauk) in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics in 1989

Academic function:

Head of Research at IZMIRAN

-   1994- Collaborateur Scientifique at Service de Physique Statistique, Plasma et Optique non linéaire, Université Libre de Bruxelles

-   1997- Associated Member at Solvay Institutes For Physics and Chemistry  

Teaching Experience:

-          1968-71 Teaching Assistant at MSU Dept. of Mathematics for the course “Statistical Physics"

-          1975-Lectures at the Cuba Academy of Sciences "Statistical Radio-Physics"

-          Supervisor of several Ph. D students, graduating at MSU and at IZMIRAN

-          Member of Scientific Council for defending of Dr. of science thesises

Publications More then 100 publications in the Russian and International Reviews

Research Experience

In Statistical Physics, Kinetic Theory, Plasma Physics, Radio Physics, Ionospheric Physics, Econophysics,  Space Physics

Responsible at IZMIRAN for the following research projects

-Investigation of Non Stationary processes in the Ionosphere by Radio Physical Methods in coll. with the Cuban - USSR Academy of Sciences (1975-1984).

-Kinetic Theory of the Interaction of High-Power Radio Waves with the Ionosphere (1981-1987) in coll. with the Applied Physics Dep. University of Brussels, Belgium

-Transport Phenomena and Kinetic Fluctuations in Non-Equilibrium Systems (1987-1994) in coll. with the Service de Physique Statistique, Plasma et Optique non linéaire - Université Libre de Bruxelles and the Applied Physics Dept. University of Brussels, Belgium

-Project coordinator of the Russian Foundation of Fundamental Research grants (1994-1997, 1997-1999, 2000-2002, 2003-)

-Project coordinator of the INTAS grants: A92-119 (1994-95), 94-2959 (1995-97)

-NATO grant: PST.CLG 975001

 Scientific journeys outside Russia :

       -     1975- Invited by the Cuban Academy of Sciences   

-          Frequent stays in Belgium , invitations by The Solvay International Institutes (Prof. I. Prigogine), INTAS and NATO grants

-          Invites speaker at the conferences in the USA , France , Belgium , Germany , Spain , South Korea

-          Co-Director of the NATO Workshop, Cargèse , France ,  2001

Extracurricular activities:

      -          Expert at the Russian Foundation of Basic Research

-          Expert at INTAS

-          Expert at the Russian Research Scientific-Consulting   Center   for Expertise

-          Head of group registered by IAF-Space Power Committee (1990-95)

-          Evaluator Expert at the European Commission, COPIRNICUS programme, call-97 (renewable energy)

-         Adviser at INTAS (January-July 1997)

-          Assistant with the management, coordination and the follow up of RTD projects of - the European Commission, DG Research.

-          Liaison Officer at Belgonucléaire (radioactive waste management, in the framework of TACIS) (95-97)

-          Referee for international journals:

Europhysics Letters, JETP, Journal of Radio Physics, Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

External Referee for PhD. D thesis works at MSU, Institute of Theoretical Physics in Kiev and IZMIRAN


Russian Federation State Prize of Science 1991


Main scientific publications for the last years:

V.V. Belyi, Fluctuation-dissipation dispersion relation and quality factor for slow processes, Phys. Rev. E 69, 017104, (2004) pre2004.pdf

V.V. Belyi, Fluctuation-Dissipation Relations for a Nonlocal Plasma, Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 255001, (2002) prl2002.pdf

V.V. Belyi, Yu.A. Kukharenko, and J. Wallenborn, Pair Correlation Function and Nonlinear Kinetic Equation for a Spatially Uniform Polarizable Nonideal Plasma, Phys. Rev. Lett. 76, 3454, (1996) prl1996.pdf



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