IZMIRAN, Institute of Terestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and

Radio Wave Propagation, Russian Academy of Sciences,

Troitsk, Moscow region, 142190, RUSSIA

Specialized professional competence:

- space physics, geomagnetic storms, satellite communications,

free lance writer and educator.

Representative research and development assignments:

- Analysis of geomagnetic disturbances and ionospheric current

systems with emphasis on high latitudes in Arctic and Antarctic;

- Development and implementation of experiments on Yamal peninsula,

Western Siberia, as international program "Geomagnetic Meridian

Project", 1972-1991, and geoecological monitoring sustem based on

NOAA/METEOR data receiving station, 1995-2000;

- Development of and participation in the Soviet-American experiment

to collect geomagnetic data in real time via geostationary

ATS-6 satellite at 1975-1976;

- Development of scanning riometer system including specialized

receiver and data processing system at 1989-1991;

- Evaluation study of LEO satellite systems for real-time

geomagnetic data collection and processing based on GONETZ, GLOBALSTAR


Other professional experience:

- Geophysicist, Senior Researcher, IZMIRAN;

- Deputy Director of Earth and Planetary Magnetism Division, 1993-1997;

- Exchange scientist, geomagnetic observations, U.S. Antarctic

Research Program stationed at South Pole Station, 1977;

- Head of Polar Geomagnetic Research Laboratory, 1978-1991;

- Head of Polar Geophysical Research Sector, 1994-2000;

- Program Manager for National and International Research Projects;

Academic background:

- M.S. in physics (1963), Leningrad University;

- Ph.D. in geophysics (1970), IZMIRAN, Troitsk;

- Doctor of Science in geophysics (2000), IDG RAN, Moscow.

Publications and patents:

- more than one hundred papers on geomagnetic storms, high latitude

geophysical phenomena and comparision of satellite data with ground data,

author of numerous technical reports;

- two patents: on the digital magnetometer and on the method of

defenition the sector structure of interplanetary magnetic field;

- articles in the public magazines as RADIO, PC-WEEK-RU,


Professional associations and honors:

- International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy (IAGA);

- American Geophysical Union (AGU);

- Soviet medal "Exellence in work" for work in Antarctica, 1978;

- Soviet medal "Veteran of Labor", 1989;

- Commemorative medal "850 years of Moscow", 1997;