Yuzef D. Zhugzhda                       

                                                         Professor, Big Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, 

                                                        Principal Scientific Fellow, Acting Head of Laboratory                                                     of Experimental Helioseismology


Space Projects: CORONAS-I (DIFOS-I),



                                      Field of Interest   

Sunspot Oscillations: Seismology of Sunspot Oscillations.

Nonadiabatic Oscillations: P-modes and Temperature waves.

Linear and Nonlinear Waves in Magnetic Flux Tubes: Solitons, Shocks, Bora.

Analytical Signal: Analytical Signal as a Tool for Helioseismology.

                                Curriculum Vitae

                                Publications (short list)


mailto:zhu@izmiran.ru     phone +7(496)751 01 02