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Program of the 10th International Seminar "Low-frequency wave processes in space plasma".

Yu. M. Mikhailov, Ya. P. Sobolev.
Jacov Iosifovich Likhter – the pioneer of ground based and satellites VLF investigations. (Time to be announced).

1. Mechanisms of the generation of LF emissions.
13.11.2007. 09:00 – 13:00 (15 min break)

25 and 15 min for invited and regular talks, respectively (including time for questions).

1.1. V.Yu.Trakhtengerts.
Generation of discrete VLF emissions in the magnetosphere. (Invited)

1.2. P.A. Bespalov.
VLF - emissions caused by effective saturation of absorption in the magnetospheric plasma maser. (Invited)

1.3. V. Krupar, O. Santolik, J.S. Pickett, D.A. Gurnett, M. Maksimovic, N. Cornilleau-Wehrlin.
Analysis of spatio-temporal properties of lion roar emissions. (Invited)

1.4. T. M. Burinskaya.
Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in the plasma sheet boundary layer.

1.5. D.Yu. Klimushkin, P. N. Mager.
Emission of Alfven Waves by a ring current inhomogeneity after substorm injection.

1.6. N. A. Zolotukhina, P.N. Mager, D.Yu. Klimushkin.
Poloidal Alfven waves, generated by nonstationary procees: observations and interpretation.

1.7. A.A. Lubchich, N.V. Semenova, A.G. Yahnin, A.G. Demekhov.
Modelling the generation of EMIC waves in the Earth’s magnetosphere.

1.8. Б.И. Клайн, Н.А. Куражковская.
Длиннопериодные пульсации высокоширотной магнитосферы.

1.9. A.V. Guglielmi, B.I. Klain, O.D. Zotov, A.S. Potapov, N.A. Zolotukhina.
Polarization of the ULF geoelectromagnetic waves.

2. Nonlinear wave processes in LF band. Resonant interaction of LF emissions with energetic particles.
13.11.2007. 14:30 – 18:30 (15 min break)

25 and 15 min for invited and regular talks, respectively (including time for questions).

2.1. M. Parrot, J. Manninen, O. Santolik, F. Nemec, T. Turunen, T. Raita, and E. Macusova.
Large scale magnetospheric line radiation event observed by a satellite and a ground-based experiment. (Invited)

2.2. A.G. Yahnin, T.A. Yahnina.
Energetic Proton Precipitation Related to Ion-Cyclotron Waves. (Invited)

2.3. A.G.Demekhov.
Acceleration of relativistic electrons in the magnetosphere by VLF chorus emissions. (Invited)

2.4. A.V. Guglielmi, B.V. Dovbnya.
Pc1 waves and the pulse-like events. (Invited)

2.5. N.S.Erokhin, L.A.Mikhailovskaya, N.N.Zolnikova.
About waveguide propagation of low-hybrid nonlinear waves in the circumterrestrial plasma.

2.6. A.V. Guglielmi, O.D. Zotov.
Anharmonicity of ULF oscillation: Detection of the frequency doubling.

2.7. N. Mazur, V. Pilipenko, E. Fedorov, K.-H. Glassmeier.
Interaction of propagating magnetosonic and Alfven waves in a longitudinally inhomogeneous gyrotropic plasma.

2.8. V. L. Krasovsky.
Electron dynamics in the field of a whistler wave propagating along the magnetic field in a weakly inhomogeneous plasma.

2.9. D. L. Pasmanik, A. G. Demekhov, V. Y. Trakhtengerts, D. Nunn.
Evolution of pith-angle and energy distribution of energetic electrons related to quasi-periodic ELF/VLF emissions in the Earth’s magnetosphere.

2.10. D.R. Shklyar.
Oblique whistler wave in an inhomogeneous plasma: resonant interaction with energetic particles.

3. Propagation of LF waves and resonance phenomena in near-Earth plasma. Reflection, scattering, and transformation of waves in the ionosphere and the magnetosphere.
14.11.22007. 09:00 – 13:00 (15 min break)
14:30 – 15:15

25 and 15 min for invited and regular talks, respectively (including time for questions).

3.1. J. Bortnik, R. M. Thorne , N. P. Meredith.
Modeling the global propagation characteristics of chorus waves. (Invited)

3.2. M. Ozaki, Y. Hata, S. Yagitani, I. Nagano, H. Yamagishi, N. Sato, and A. Kadokura.
Localization of the ionospheric exit point of natural ELF/VLF waves from multipoint ground-based observation near L = 6.5. (Invited)

3.3. J. Chum, D. Shklyar, J. Fiser, F. Jiricek, Santolik, M. Parrot, G. Diendorfer.
Lightning induced whistlers, their penetration through the ionosphere and propagation in the magnetosphere; peculiar spectrograms and difficulties in their modeling. (Invited)

3.4. E.N. Ermakova, D.S. Kotik and S.V. Polaykov.
On the influence of the ionospheric resonance structures on the spectral characteristics of the ULF natural noise and artificial signals. (Invited)

3.5. E.N. Ermakova, D.S. Kotik, A.V. Ryabov.
Investigation of the dependence of SRS structural peculiarities on the activity of world thunderstorm centers.

3.6. N.V. Semenova, A.G. Yahnin.
Characteristics of the spectral resonance structure of the ULF electromagnetic noise observed at the high-latitude observatory Barentsburg. 3.7. A. S. Leonovich, D. A. Kozlov.
Field line resonances in a dipole-like magnetosphere concerning the Alfven or slow magnetosonic waves.

3.8. M. I. Beloglazov, G. F. Remenets.
Ultra relativistic electron precipitations in the polar middle atmosphere.

3.9. A.A. Ostapenko, E.E. Titova, T. Turunen, J. Manninen, T. Raita.
Polarization of VLF waves in waveguide Earth-ionosphere.

3.10. Ya. P. Sobolev, Yu. M. Mikhailov, O. V. Kapustina.
Registration of echo-whistlers on the “Kosmos-1809” satellite.

3.11. T.V.Gaivoronska.
Infrasonic wave transformation at ionospheric altitudes.

3.12. Yu. V. Kyzyurov.
Fluctuations in the geomagnetic field strength induced by sporadic-E plasma irregularities.

3.13. V.A. Pilipenko, E.N. Fedorov.
Interaction of Alfven waves with resistive layers.

4. LF transmitter signals and LF antennas. Equipment and processing methods for LF measurements.
14.11.22007. 15:30 – 18:30 (15 min break)

25 and 15 min for invited and regular talks, respectively (including time for questions).

4.1. M. Parrot, J.A. Sauvaud, J.J. Berthelier, J.P. Lebreton.
Strong ionospheric perturbations generated by powerful VLF ground-based transmitters. (Invited)

4.2. V.A. Mullayarov.
Remote sounding by the thunderstorm VLF radio noise. (Invited)

4.3. N.A. Smirnova, M. Hayakawa.
Application of fractal methods for extraction of the earthquake precursory signatures from ULF geomagnetic data. (Invited)

4.4. G.A. Mikhailova, Yu.M. Mikhailov, A.I. Osin, O.V. Kapustina.
Realization of VLF lightning location method at multiple sites by time of group arrival (TOGA) at IZMIRAN site “TOGAMOW”. (Invited)

4.5. V.I. Kozlov, R.R. Karimov, V.A. Mullayarov.
Synchronization of VLF signal registrations by means of GPS.

4.6. V.I. Kozlov, R.R. Karimov, V.A. Mullayarov.
Observations of signals of VLF-radio stations during the solar eclipses on 29.03.06 and 19.03.07.

4.7. A.B. Pashin, A.A. Mochalov.
Density of upper atmosphere neutrals and amplitude of artificial magnetic pulsations in Pc1 range generated via ionosphere heating.

4.8. O.V. Soloviev, V.I. Ivanov.
Near-Earth low-frequency electromagnetic field design method allowing for geometrical and electrical terrain inhomogeneities.

5. Results of satellite and ground-based low-frequency studies and planned experiments.
15.11.2007. 09:00 – 13:00 (15 min break

25 and 15 min for invited and regular talks, respectively (including time for questions). )

5.1. M. M. Mogilevsky, L. M. Zelenyi, V. Yu. Trakhtengerts, A.G. Demekhov, J.- L. Rauch, J.-A. Sauvaud, K.M. Pichkhadze, I.N. Goroshkov, B.Boychev.
Investigation of wave-particle interactions in the inner magnetosphere: RESONANCE project. (Invited)

5.2. O. Santolik.
Overview of recent experimental results on whistler-mode chorus. (Invited)

5.3. E. E. Titova, B. V. Kozelov, V.Y.Trakhtengerts, A. G. Demekhov, O. Santolik, E. Macusova, D. A. Gurnett, J. S. Pickett.
VLF chorus emissions observed by CLUSTER satellites inside the generation region: comparison with the backward wave oscillator model. (Invited)

5.4. J. L. Rauch, F. El-Lemdani Mazouz, P. M. E. Decreau, S. Grimald, X. Vallieres, A. Rochel, J. G. Trotignon, P. Canu, F. Darrouzet.
Electrostatics emissions in the plasmasphere region observed by WHISPER/CLUSTER experiment.

5.5. E. Macusova, O. Santolik, D. A. Gurnett, J. S. Pickett, P. Decreau, D. Nunn, V. Yu. Trakhtengerts, A. G. Demekhov, E. E. Titova, B. V. Kozelov, M. J. Rycroft.
Variablility of wave packets of whistler mode chorus as a function of plasma density.

5.6. I.E. Belova, M. M. Mogilevsky, T.V. Romantsova, M.I. Yanovsky, A.I. Sheykhet.
Orbits and strategy of measurements of RESONANCE project.

5.7. V.A. Mullayarov, S.N. Samsonov, A.V. Moiseev.
Relation of VLF-emissions variations to cosmic noise absorption during a magnetospheric response to nonstationary solar wind structures.

5.8. N.G. Kleimenova, O.V. Kozyreva.
Magnetic storm and substorm control of the high-latitude ELF polar chorus occurrence.

5.9. J. Chum , F. Hruska, T. Sindelarova, D. Buresova, P. Hejda, J. Bochnicek.
Geomagnetic Pi2 pulsations and their correlation with continuous Doppler sounding of the ionosphere; first results.

5.10. T.A. Yahnina, T. Bosinger, H.U. Frey, A.G. Yahnin.
Localization of the Pc1 source using proton aurora observations and data from the meridional network of magnetometers.

5.11. D.S. Kotik, E.N. Ermakova, A.V. Ryabov.
On the sources of the ULF background noise.

5.12. А.В. Петленко, Ю.А. Копытенко, В. Пилипенко, Л. Мартинес, В.С. Исмагилов.
Исследование динамики ионосферных источников геомагнитных пульсаций типа Pi2.

5.13. Yu.A. Kopytenko, V.S. Ismaguiov.
2D momentary distributions of amplitudes, gradients and phase velocities of geomagnetic pulsations.

5.14. V.I Larkina, N.G.Sergeeva, B.V.Senin.
Reflection of lithospheric structures of Antarctica in satellite data.

5.15. D.G Buyanova, Yu.B. Bashkuev and V.B. Khaptanov.
Analysis of VLF spectra according to the DEMETER satellite and ground measurement data.

6. Lower-frequency emissions and seismic activity: possible mechanisms of connection.
15.11.2007. 14:30 – 19:00 (15 min break)

25 and 15 min for invited and regular talks, respectively (including time for questions).

6.1. V.D. Kuznetzov, Yu.Ja. Ruzhin, Yu.M. Mikhailov, G.A. Mikhailova, O.V. Kapustina, V.S. Dokukin, G.I.Druzhin, S.E. Smirnov, Sz. Ference, Ja.Lichtenberger, L. Bodnar, V.E. Korepanov.
VLF experiment on the Compass 2 satellite and ground-based measurements of the seismoelectromagnetic effects on Kamchatka. (Invited)

6.2. O.A. Molchanov.
VLF/ELF effects related to earthquakes and volcano eruptions: latest results. (Invited)

6.3. A.S. Inchin, M.B. Ismailov.
Kazakhstan's Project for creation a space system with scientific purposes of earthquake precursor research. (Invited)

6.4. O. Novik, Y. Ruzhin, S. Ershov.
Tsunami precursor physics: theory and applications. (Invited)

6.5. V. S. Ismaguilov, Yu. A. Kopytenko.
Anomalous behavior of gradients, phase velocities and correlation coefficients of ULF (f < 1 Hz) geomagnetic disturbances observed before strong EQs.

6.6. V.I. Larkina.
Low-frequency emissions as the means of diagnostics of the environment.

6.7. G.A. Mikhailova, Yu.M. Mikhailov, O.V. Kapustina, G.I. Druzhin, S.E. Smirnov.
Penetration of the internal gravity waves to altitudes of D region and ionospheric dynamo in seismically active region (Kamchatka): preliminary results.

6.8. O.A. Molchanov, A.Yu. Schekotov, E.N. Fedorov, S. E. Andreevsky, V.N. Chebrov, G.G. Belyaev.
New ULF-ELF seismo-electromagnetic phenomena.

6.9. N.A. Smirnova, V.N. Troyan, D.A. Kiyashchenko, Yu.A. Kopytenko, V.S. Ismagilov, F. Vallianatos, J. Makris, V. Lapenna, L.Teleska, A. Tzanis.
A methodology for combined seismic-electromagnetic testing of the earthquake preparation zone.

6.10. L. V. Sorokin.
Seismo-electromagnetic emission related with seismic waves.

6.11. O.D. Zotov, A.V. Guglielmi.
The human impact on the geomagnetic pulsations and seismic activity.

6.12. A.N. Lyakhov, Yu.I.Zetzer.
VLF signals in the ionosphere over the fault systems as observed by the DE-2 satellite.

6.13. G.I. Druzhin.
Electromagnetic precursors of earthquakes according to observation data in Kamchatka.