Pushkov Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation
Russian Academy of Sciences
( founded in 1939 )
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        The ionospheric station ION-1 and the sounder IS-338 installed onboard the Intercosmos-19 were designed and manufactured by talented scientists and engineers of elder generation of IZMIRAN: M.D.Fligel, L.P.Goncharov, Yu.V.Kushnerevsky, and G.V.Vasiliev under supervision of Academician V.V.Migulin. The group of constructors of Special Constructor Bureau took part in making this equipment: E.V.Pogoda, V.P.Polyansky, V.L.Rozin, et al. Participants in this work were S.P.Gaidash, A.T.Karpachev, and S.A.Pulinets, young researchers at that time. This team carried out also the control over the sounder all years of its work onboard the satellite, receiving and working up the information from the satellite.
        Besides them, N.P.Benkova, N.A.Kochenova, A.H.Depueva, A.D.Legenka, A.E.Indyukov, P.F.Denisenko, I.I.Ivanov, et al., and in subsequent years a number of other researchers took part in processing and analysis the sounding data (see the reference list).
        This Database was designed and made, and is being filled up by the IZMIRAN present-day team: S.A.Pulinets (Principal co-investigator of the project), L.V.Poustovalova (webmaster and programmer), G.F.Deminova, V..Depuev, A.T.Karpachev, A.D.Legenka et al.

Principal Co-investigators

Dr.Sergey Pulinets, IZMIRAN RAS   Dr.Robert F.Benson, GSFC NASA